Our vision

Our vision is to provide a comprehensive and professional package of photography that meets and exceeds your needs, and which promotes our best work, experience and professionalism. We do this by cultivating an environment of trust and respect that ultimately results in beautiful pictures. We have been blessed with clients that entrust us to shoot their most precious life events whether its weddings,  engagements, baptisms or other events.
Past clients have called us artists, visual record keepers of their important life events. We would like to think that this is true and definitely like this description. Artists at heart we are it means a lot know that our work is shared with family and friends. We take our job seriously, just like you’re serious about expecting excellent results from us. Our goal is to create a visual timestamp of your wedding or event so that its remains fresh and vibrant. Keeping it crisp.
We are passionate about photography and look forward to creating a custom package just for you. Creating beautiful pictures is a passion for us and has been for years. That’s why we’re one of Austin’s premier photo studios. We strive to take and create photos that capture the moment in all its beauty and brilliance, with your style and flare.
Our philosophy is cultured, yet defined: we want to hear your story so we can collaborate and bring it to life through pictures. Stunning images full of genuine moments and emotion motivate us to work creatively on your behalf. Combine that with our team’s burning desire for high art, excellence and originality and you get what’s known as the Purple Tree effect – a picture perfect set of images and photography.
We have a passion and desire to become known as one of the best photographic shops in the country, with the skills and versatility to complete any project on time, on budget and with flair and creativity.